Google Maps Hacks

by Rich Gibson and Schuyler Erle

Demonstrate Tom Mangan's TPhoto used as a simple georeferencing program.

This starts centered on Black Rock City. If you select 'show plan' you will see the 2005 city plan over the google map. If you double click anywhere the center of the plan of Black Rock City will relocate to your click. This lets you do two things. 1. it is the start of a simplistic georeferencing system. If you don't know the coordinates of your image, just mess with parameters on this page until they work out. Look at the source, and look at Tom's examples. The zoom +/- buttons zoom the overlayed city plan. This was useful when figuring out the right size, but '1' is the right size. Opacity adjusts, well, the opacity of the image. Height and Width adjust the size of the overlayed image. This is a 'cheat' to get the georeferenced image to line up. It provides finer control then zooming the overlay in and out.

Double click on the center of Black Rock City and the overlayed image will recenter there.

Latitude:   Longitude:   google zoom:   image baseZoom:  

Show BRC Plan opacity:  

image width:   image width:  

This is a good gpsbabel line. It returns all the waypoints from two gpx files that are within 3 miles of the Man:
gpsbabel -i gpx -f wy09072004.gpx -i gpx -f wy09072004-rino.gpx -x radius,lat=40.754798,lon=-119.236454,distance=3m