Google Maps Hacks

by Rich Gibson and Schuyler Erle


  • Hello World The basic Google Map on a page
  • Where did the user click? Hello World and capture the click
  • The GX Magnifier Extension
  • TPhoto Extension (in progress)
  • Georeference with TPhoto Shows BRC City plan 2005 over google map
  • Roughly the size of... compare the known and the unknown
  • Make a line in response to clicks, and show distance (in progress)
  • Get a CSV or GPX file from clicks on a map
  • Put a WMS layer on your Google Maps (the wms layers often have issues, but I _think_ that is the javascript wms library, not my configuration or the wms servers).)
  • Load a gpx file (in progress)
  • Show a Map in a Box (Map and HTML in the same info window)
  • Get driving directions for more than two locations
  • Load points asynchronously from somewhere (in progress)
  • Google Ridefinder and Craigslist housing maps mashup (in progress)
  • Clustering points example Rich's GPS points with Schuyler's cool cluster code